Our 7 Best Hacks to Deodorize Your Home

Over the past 20 years, editors at We Bright Side and our trusted experts have tested hundreds of tips for cleaning your home, including ways to get rid of smells. We’ve found a lot of ways to get rid of bad smells and freshen the air in our homes, from stinky garbage disposals to stinky dishwashers. If you have a small problem in your home right now, use this guide to help you figure out where the smell is coming from and how to fix it. Once you’ve taken care of the obvious things (like Fluffy’s litter box and last night’s fish dinner), try these tips to make your fridge, sofa, and other things smell better. Your nose will appreciate it.

1/ Vanilla will make your fridge smell better.


Our home director, Stephanie Sisco, says that a cotton ball dipped in the vanilla extract will make your fridge smell better. How it works is as follows: Check for moldy vegetables or sauce spills on the shelves and clean them up. Then, soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and put it in a small dish near the back of one of the shelves. The smell of warm vanilla will fill the fridge. Here are two more ways a cotton ball can help your home smell better.

2/ Deodorize the Kitchen Garbage Can


There will always be times when your kitchen trash can smells a little funky, especially after you cook fish or forget to take it out. But Lauren Phillips, our SEO editor, has some suggestions: First, put a few layers of newspaper in the bottom of the can. This will soak up any leaks. Then, put a dryer sheet with a scent under the trash can liner to help get rid of any food smells.

3/ Use vinegar to make the dishwasher smell better.


If your dishwasher smells a little bit sour, run a cycle with 2 cups of white vinegar instead of detergent. Vinegar kills bacteria on its own and will make the machine smell better. If you don’t run your dishwasher very often, rinse your plates before putting them in. This will keep the fresh smell.

4/ Give Your Garbage Disposal a Citrus Scent


Want a quick way to fix a garbage disposal that stinks? Turn it on and put the peel of a lemon or orange on it to give it a citrusy boost. Follow these steps to clean both the sink and the garbage disposal.

5/ Activated charcoal can be used to clean everything.


In 2018, cleaning expert and co-founder of Clean My Space Melissa Maker told us that small activated charcoal filters are the best way to get rid of smells in the house. Charcoal absorbs smells and moisture on its own, so it keeps your gym bag and closets smelling fresh. Maker says, “They work well in places like diaper pails, trash cans, and litter boxes.”

6/ Start a Simmer Pot


Follow the advice of our senior editor Brandi Broxson and make a simmer pot if you want your whole home to smell great right away. You simmer aromatic things like herbs and spices in a pot of water to make your home smell good. Combine spring herbs like thyme and fresh citrus-like lemon slices to make a spring version of this holiday classic.

7/ Refresh curtains and couches that smell musty


Get that cheap bottle of vodka out of your liquor cabinet. You can use it to fix sofas or window treatments that smell musty. Put some vodka that hasn’t been diluted into a spray bottle, and then lightly mist the fabric with it. Vodka, which is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer, will get rid of smells, so your sofa will smell fresh between more thorough cleanings.

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