7 Common Components of a Security System That You Should Check Out

Technology is developing at faster speeds than ever before, and this could make the idea of having a home security system a little overwhelming, but after this article, I feel confident that you will have a working knowledge of this topic.

How the system benefits you.

Security System

Security systems are designed to protect you from a myriad of potential threats and dangers. This type of investment not only provides peace of mind but could end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.

Safety at home and while you are away.

Most systems are going to include an app that allows you to view your home easily from your cell phone. Better still is the advantage of having multiple views that provide real-time visuals of your home and yard areas.


There are many different cameras to choose from on the market, some are wired, while others offer wireless options that can also include an attached solar panel making them more energy-efficient, thus easier on your wallet.

You also have the option of choosing cameras that are indoor/outdoor, or ones that are designed to be used inside only, giving you flexibility in choosing what is most appropriate for your situation.

Most cameras offer 1080 HD picture quality that is automatically saved to insure that vital footage is easy to access when you need it.

Motion sensors

Who doesn’t love coming home after dark and having the front porch light come on automatically? Now imagine being able to use an app to turn these lights on before you arrive or having multiple lights that turn on simply by detecting your movements as you walk throughout your house.

These are also the sensors that trigger the alarm should there be an intruder or someone attempting to breach your home.

Glass break Detectors

These sensors are designed to trigger an alarm by the frequency of the sound that is made when glass is broken. They are typically inexpensive and the small design makes them less noticeable in terms of decor.

Door and window sensors

These sensors can be set to alert you with a single beep, whenever a door or window is opened. These will also trigger the alarm if the system is set and a door or window is opened or if someone is attempting to open it.

Smoke Detectors

While most homes already have these it is an option that you can add to your security system, alerting you even if you aren’t home.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are also typically already installed in your home, but you can upgrade by having ones installed that are connected to your system. Unfortunately, thousands of people go to the hospital each year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Having a quality system with carbon detectors tied in could most certainly save lives.

Yard signs and stickers

These are a major deterrent to anyone who might be considering your home as a target, be sure to display these where they can’t be missed.

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