Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

On the Hunt for the 17 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

Finding a mattress that corresponds to your preferred sleeping position is the first and most important step to a good night’s sleep. Do you prefer to sleep on your side, for instance? If this is the case, you will want to find a mattress that promotes proper spine alignment and helps you maintain a healthy posture to avoid waking up stiff or creaky. And you will need a mattress designed specifically to provide pressure relief and support for side sleepers.

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What are the Benefits of Sleeping on the Side?

You may already sleep on your side because you believe it to be the most comfortable position. What you may not realize, however, is that this sleeping position may also be beneficial for your gut and brain health. In addition, one of the other well-established advantages of sleeping on the side is its ability to reduce snoring. If you’ve ever slept next to a snorer and given them a slight, position-changing nudge in the middle of the night, you likely already understand what we’re discussing.

The good news when it comes to finding the best mattress for side sleepers is that the majority of people sleep on their sides, so there are numerous mattresses designed to accommodate this sleeping position. Which of these mattresses provides the optimal combination of pressure relief, motion isolation, cooling, and edge support? Which is the most resilient? Which offers the greatest value for money?

In this mattress review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best side-sleeping mattresses currently available online. The exhaustive testing performed by the experts at Mattress Advisor in partnership with SPY resulted in high scores for every product on this list. The objective is to assist you in finding a new bed that is ideal for your body type, comfort preference, and sleeping position.

Which Mattresses Are Ideal for Side Sleepers?

Seeking the appropriate mattress type for your sleeping position? Whether you prefer memory foam or hybrid mattress, or a softer or firmer mattress, this list has something for you.

The 17 best mattresses for side sleepers that are available for online purchase are listed below. Therefore, stop accepting waking up with a crick in your neck as the norm and begin to spring out of bed.


1. Helix Midnight Luxe

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No one enjoys awakening with night sweats. If you tend to overheat while sleeping, you will need a mattress that helps to cool you. The Helix Midnight Lux is an excellent choice for those in search of a mattress that effectively dissipates body heat. Due to its innovative cooling technology, including a cool pillow top and breathable materials, the Helix Midnight Lux provides the optimal combination of features to help a warm sleeper cool down. Our reviewers with back pain also liked the Helix Midnight Lux’s soft polyfoam layers, which make it the ideal mattress for pressure point relief.

2. Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

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You will be surprised by the quality of the Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress, given that it costs less than $600. It is stuffed with patented Ascension coils that are hyper-responsive, providing sleepers with a snug and supportive bed, particularly if they prefer to sleep on their side. In addition, the design of this mattress is intended to minimize the effects of your nighttime movement, thereby preventing disturbance to those who share your bed.

3. Casper Mattress


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We have been discussing the best mattresses for side sleepers, but what if you share a bed with a back or stomach sleeper? Or, what if you’re a combination sleeper at heart (i.e., you change positions frequently during the night)? You may require a mattress that accommodates all sleeping preferences. This is a Casper. With four layers of premium memory foam, this mattress provides the necessary contouring and pressure relief for all types of sleepers.

4. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Image courtesy of Layla Sleep

Copper-foam-filled Layla Memory Foam mattresses provide the ideal amount of support to keep you comfortable while you sleep. The advanced foam contains a copper gel that responds to any pressure applied to the mattress while sleeping, allowing it to accommodate side sleepers and virtually any other sleeping position. The conductive properties of this copper foam provide a cooler night’s sleep due to its ability to transport body heat away. In addition, it is naturally antimicrobial, making your sleeping environment cleaner.

5. Nolah Original Mattress

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What is the most comfortable mattress for couples who share a bed? If both of you sleep on your side, we strongly recommend the original Nolah 10-inch mattress. This AirFoam mattress provides a cushioned support system for both partners, and our motion isolation tests indicate that it performs exceptionally well. In other words, if your partner awakens before you, the Nolah will minimize disturbances so you can continue to snooze in peace. In addition, the mattress provides side sleepers with superior spine alignment, responsiveness, and other features.

6. Nectar Mattress

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Looking for an online mattress brand that will maximize your return on investment? Check out the Nectar, one of our top value picks. This mattress is affordably priced and includes a lengthy sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee. However, it does not sacrifice quality. The edge support, motion transfer, and responsiveness of this gel memory foam mattress earn high marks. A quilted top layer is soft to the touch, making it enticing to simply fall into bed after a long day. Not bad for a reasonable price.

7. Cocoon Chill Mattress

Image courtesy of Cocoon

Some sleepers prefer the cushioning feel of gel memory foam for reasons of personal preference. A good memory foam layer makes you feel as though you are being hugged to sleep at night, which is particularly comforting for those who sleep in the fetal position. The issue is that the majority of foam beds retain heat. Our advice? The Cocoon Chill combines the finest qualities of foam with cutting-edge cooling properties. It’s a great buy for everyone, regardless of sleep position, but side sleepers score particularly well.

8. GhostBed Classic

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In addition to receiving over 35,000 positive ratings from existing customers, this GhostBed Classic mattress has received a number of the most prestigious mattress awards in the industry. The four layers of the mattress provide a sleeping surface that is both comfortable and firm. At the core of the mattress is a high-density foam layer that serves as a solid foundation to provide the necessary support while you sleep. Additionally, there are two inches of contouring gel memory and a layer of aerated latex to regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.

9. Bear Mattress

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If you also enjoy spending long summer days biking, hiking, or shooting hoops, you may want a mattress that helps to ease your aching joints. The Bear memory foam mattress is ideal for those who suffer from lower back or hip pain. It is designed for pressure relief and also aids in muscle recovery. Additionally, the Celliant cover’s breathability reduces heat retention. The Bear is a medium-firm mattress with excellent spine alignment, making it one of our top choices for side sleepers.

10. Saatva Mattress

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Interested in settling into the lap of luxury? Relax in the plush comfort of the Saatva. We consider this mattress to be of the highest quality, and it also happens to be ideal for sleeping on the side. A few features make the Saatva feel truly elegant and luxurious: Layer after layer of hotel-quality comfort, including foam and innerspring coils; highly durable materials that will withstand the test of time; and your choice of three firmness levels (side sleepers will probably prefer soft plush; back sleepers and stomach sleepers may opt for a firmer option).

11. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Image courtesy of DreamCloud

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress can offer sleepers the optimal environment for a journey to the land of dreams. This high-quality mattress is stuffed with memory foam and individually wrapped innerspring coils to provide a solid foundation for supported side sleeping. Its carefully crafted firmness is ideally suited for couples because it allows each sleeper to enjoy their customized sleeping surface without disturbing the nearby second sleeper.

12. Birch Natural Mattress

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This Birch Natural Mattress is sure to provide a restful night’s sleep due to its hybrid, eco-friendly design that provides breathability and a soft-to-the-touch feel. Environmentally speaking, you can drift off to sleep each night knowing that your mattress is devoid of polyurethane foams and other potentially harmful chemicals. The company and mattress itself demonstrate that there are more environmentally friendly ways to produce conventional mattresses. In addition, the medium firmness of the mattress makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers.

13. Puffy Lux Mattress

Image courtesy of Puffy Lux

In our tests, we discovered that the Puffy Lux performs an excellent job of evenly distributing body weight, thereby relieving pressure from delicate joints. We give it nearly perfect marks in the category of pressure relief. Note that this memory foam mattress is equipped with cooling technology to prevent nighttime perspiration. As a bonus, there is a lifetime warranty to give you real confidence in your investment (combined with a 101-night trial period).

14. The WinkBed

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The WinkBed could be the answer you’ve been looking for if you’re searching for a mattress that is both soft and supportive. This mattress appeals to side sleepers in particular due to its combination of a plush top layer and a sturdy base. In addition, the intricate design of comfort gel, breathable materials, and innerspring layers adds to your in-bed support and makes the mattress superior in terms of properly aligning your spine.

15. Amerisleep AS5

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This Amerisleep mattress is constructed from Bio-Pur memory foam, which provides a significantly cooler night’s sleep than traditional memory foam. If you frequently perspire while you sleep, it may be prudent to choose a mattress that places a high priority on cooling people down. Its innovative Bio-Pur construction prevents heat buildup by allowing air to circulate freely throughout the night, while the pressure-relieving memory foam provides the support you need to sleep comfortably on your side.

16. Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

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This Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress comes with a free comfort sheet set, a set of soft stretch sheets, and a purple cloud pillow, ensuring that you are prepared to enjoy your new mattress as soon as it arrives. Even for side-sleepers, the Hybrid Premier 3 is the brand’s most popular option for those seeking overnight support and correct alignment. In addition, the stainless steel coils found within the mattress create internal air channels that help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, even if you tend to run a bit warm.

17. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze Mattress

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Considering the amount of time you spend sleeping, reading, conversing, or watching television in your bed, it makes a great deal of sense to invest in a high-quality and comfortable mattress. This Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze Mattress features a combination of advanced cooling, motion cancellation, and pressure relief technologies to virtually ensure a restful night’s sleep. On top of the mattress’ main support are four layers of various cooling materials. These layers can affect your body temperature by up to eight degrees Fahrenheit, which can make a significant difference in your overnight comfort during the warmer and cooler seasons.